Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring - time to ride bikes

The snow has almost completely melted off now, which means that it is time to get out in the open air and ride bikes and stuff. The problem with that is, that I do not have a bicycle that is ride-able. My brother backed over the one that I did have a couple winters ago when someone moved it out from where it was stored out to in front of the garage and he cut the corner a bit tight. Twisted and mangled tire.

He got me a new bike a couple of weeks back, but he got a 28" men's bike, so it is far too tall for me to safely ride it. I was going to get a new bike in the right size and for women, but he told me not to, because he's got a scheme where he is trying to get me another bike.

Meanwhile I am getting tired of waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a bike I can ride and am going to town in a couple days to buy myself a good bike if he does not get the deal he's trying to work out worked out before I have to go to town next. I want to be out there riding, dang-it.