Friday, August 24, 2012

Complete chaos

My life has been complete chaos for ... I'm not even sure how long anymore. I have been trying very hard to keep my head above the chaotic undertow, but every time I think I have my toes catching hold on something under all the turmoil, another riptide hits the chaos pool and down I go again, struggling to get back to the surface and find some sanity to breathe in. I'm trying, still, to get a bank to work with me on my purchase of my parent's house, but so far it is a insane journey that keeps landing me back a few steps behind where I thought I was going to land and everything is sort of crumbling off around me with no one actually interested in helping me shore up the crumbling ground that everything is sitting on. I've tried twice in the past week and a half to call the local mortgage company to go talk to someone again and see what is going on there, and both times I have never heard back from the people I called. This is complicated in my not having any local numbers I can call aside from the two ladies I have spoke to in the mortgage department, I can't call the front desk to set up an appointment, only the women I had spoke with before. So, on Monday I am going to go down and talk to the gal at the front desk and arrange an appointment to see one of the other ladies so I can give them updated information from my side of things and see what has happened since I last spoke to any of them. I'm still struggling along, but it's a tough battle to keep up at this point since I know it's past the point of going back to step one once again.