Monday, September 17, 2012

Life is so Chaotic

For anyone that is wondering where I am and why I have not been updating things in so long, one word... depression.

If you want all of the details check out posts at Freelancer's Office, where I am starting to try to drag myself back into the world after banks have kicked me into a rather deep and very dark hole that I hope never to drop into again.

To say that things have not been going well would be a gross understatement, long story short I have been fighting hard to save a house I have called home for over half of my life (and I'm 42 now), and due to bad advice from one bank person after another I am starting to see no hope at all in ever managing to keep my home.

Right now I am trying, once again, to see if someone at a bank can help me keep it, but I am losing hope fast and trying hard not to let that drop me back into the depression I only clawed my way up from day before yesterday.

Yes, that's right, I am still gripping the edge and dangling over the abyss and trying oh so hard not to have the vortex suck of blackness drag me back into it, but at least I am trying and am FINALLY starting to get back to work rather than just stare at the walls and go "what do I do??????

Wish me luck! Hopefully tonight I will be able to post some good news, but I have lost all hope of ever getting good news in the extended struggle. Hopeful news, maybe, good news... I'm not about to hope for that miracle.