Friday, September 21, 2012

Maybe it is time to design my dream office

I've been thinking. Since the banks sort of... well... threw me into a few too many stone walls on my path to saving my home, it might be a good time to start thinking about redesigning my office. I have started to pack things up, mostly the "this won't be missed for a few months" fluff, but after living here for a significant part of my life there is a lot of 'fluff' to sort through. It is a preemptive move on my part, pack up the house to make it easier to move out of if I have to and to make it a "MY FIRST HOME!!!" joy of "moving in" if I do pull off this miracle.

Anyway, it has me thinking that this might be the chance I have been looking for to design my perfect home office. If I save the house, I will have a lot of things packed up, which means that I will have a virtually empty office to put things back into. I will be able to rebuild my office with all the things I want in it! (or move to a new place and build an office there (I hate thinking on that though)).

Anyway, if I can save my house, then before I unpack things would be the time for me to do things like install extra wall outlets and task lighting, build built-in desks and file cabinets (my parents bought me the saws and routers for all of that!), and since I want to have a 8 monitor computer system eventually, this would be the time to look at installing the extra monitor mounts for the future monitors and small TV screens that I currently keep staked on shelves and boxes. At the moment I actually do run a 3 monitor system with a TV set up to the side. It would be so nice to have all four screens actually mounted on the wall area behind the desk on adjustable mounting brackets so I can use the desk space for other things and make the desk area smaller.

So, yeah. Now is the time to decide what I really want in a home office (aside from a richly stained hand built oak wrap-around desk and shelf system). Once I know if I am keeping the house (PLEASE!!!!!) I will hold off on "moving in" until after the office is fully redesigned to be the office of my dreams.